Product page redesign (unused) – Bass Pro Shops

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NOTE: This is an incomplete piece and was never officially presented to Bass Pro Shops for consideration.

In 2014, while working on optimizing the CSS (a project that got postponed indefinitely) I started envisioning a product page redesign for Bass Pro Shops. The current product page was created in 2012 when the big site redesign happened, and while it was acceptable for that time and place, it wasn’t holding up well under evolving user needs. Since this wasn’t a requested project I had an open canvas for design, which was quite rare.

BPS Size Guides

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One of the first projects I was assigned when I started working at Bass Pro Shops was to redesign the size guides for apparel. The current guides were outdated and no longer included correct information. Originally, the business users wanted the ability to use our product management system to populate the information as well as host the information on the product page itself, but this was moved to phase 2 as upgrades to the backend had to be completed first. We decided that phase 1 would be the redesign and information update, while creating as much of a template for later integration into other systems as possible.