First Evah CodePen Online Meetup

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So last week we had a CodePen online meetup. This was my first ever meetup, online or not, and it was FANTASTIC! We had to present something, and about 2 pens in I was doubting my abilities, but whatever. I’m sure someone out there is doing something similar and my pen helped them. See and read about the glory!

I had this typed up and didn’t post it, but rather saved it as a draft. Then I saw that they posted the video over on the CodePen blog, so I’ll just link to that. We plan on doing it again, so if you’re interested, keep an eye on the CodePen site for more information!

3 & 4 year anniversary

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Thursday was our 3 year wedding anniversary, and our 4 year “relationship” anniversary (the anniversary of when we started dating). I never thought I would get married – indeed, my best friends called me a liar when I announced it in 2012 – but when I met my husband, we became fast friends and I realized that for the first time in my life, I could actually imagine growing old with someone not just growing old at the same time. Plus he likes my kid, which sucks for him but is great for me!