There isn’t a way things should be. There’s just what happens, and what we do. – Terry Pratchett, “A Hat Full of Sky”


Friends, developers, countrymen, lend me your stacks! I come to bury these requirements, not to rehash them. The evil that sprints do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their deployment; so let it be with sprint 4.

Shakespeare was a front-end dev

For me, formal is when I wear clothes that can’t be folded. – Me


$c: Can you guys look at this programming logic and make sure it’s right?
$s: Sure, but maybe you should include $otherDev too, since he’s more familiar with that language.
$c: I’ve already tested the logic, it works flawlessly. I don’t need an “expert” to look at it.
$s: So the plan is to ask “amateurs,” and then if it’s wrong blame us?
$c: No, why would it be wrong?

I don’t need an expert to tell me I’m amazing

$dev: CSS is like a new set of clothes, it changes the way the website looks.
$manglement: So are you telling me that every change in CSS changes the way the website looks?
$dev: Yes, that’s exactly right.
$manglement: Can you make CSS changes that don’t change the way the website looks?
$dev: Can you put on a completely different shirt but still not change the way you look?
$manglement: Of course not.
$dev: Exactly. CSS is like the shirt of the website.
$manglement: Well you should have just explained it like that.

CSS is the shirt of the website