Stuff I read 11/22/15-12/4/15

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The holiday week of course prevented me from posting, and this week was the last week in my current term at school so I had final projects and other assignments to wrap up. TLDR: there are 2 weeks worth of shit I read here. Smashing!

I’m also playing around with different highlight themes (most interesting, most weird, etc), since I don’t always have something super weird or whatever. Just think of it as A/B testing. You’re part of science!

Most (potentially) controversial things I read this timeframe:

Weirdest things I read this timeframe:

Most interesting things I read this timeframe:

Stuff I read 11/15/15-11/21/15

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I read a lot. No, I mean a lot. I’d love to say that I read intelligent, relevant articles all the time, but…that’s not entirely true. I read about anything that catches my fancy, from local media to Wikipedia to personal blogs to trashy 24 hour news sites, I read them all.

I decided that it would be beneficial for myself and others to share some of those articles with you, the good people of the interwebs. And getting links to some external content is never a bad idea. I started to organize them, but then I realized I didn’t give a shit. Embrace the randomness that is what I read in the past 7 days!


Weirdest thing I read this week:


Best thing I read this week:


Most interesting thing I read this week: