Pure CSS BB-8

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There are a lot of magic numbers in this, but that’s okay. It’s not a production-level thing. I’m utilizing radial gradients to achieve the panels on his body and linear ones for the lines on his head & body. The second camera/eye is a box-shadow of the main eye.

Next up: animation! I want him to peek around the left side of the screen, roll to the center, look behind him and then dash forward. Such a complicated animation requires some thinking though, and I need to see if I can do it all in CSS/SCSS. I’m sure I can, but at what price!?

See the Pen Pure CSS BB-8 by Smokie Lee (@xtoq) on CodePen.

On our way to see the new Star Wars movie! BB-8 is excited!


Sphero BB-8!

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OMFG! So the husband was out and about between classes and on a whim decided to drop into Radio Shack. THEY HAD DOZENS OF THE BB-8 DROID! You know, the same ones that are sold the fuck out literally everywhere else? Apparently no one’s going to Radio Shack because, well, they’re fucking closing down. Since they aren’t likely to be available at Christmastime when he was going to get me one, he went ahead and bought it now. See? That’s why I married him, for the robotic toys.

BB-8 & me
Srs cuteness.

Anyways, this little guy is amazing. He’s got personality, Sphero is dedicated to updating him continuously, and did I mention he’s fucking BB-8?? As I play with him more I’ll post more about him, probably actually do a little review type thingy. Right now, I’m too excited to write, and I have to do homework anyway. Stupid education improving my life. =P

(Oh and a new hope of mine is that they open source it at some point so I can write my own programs for His Adorableness.)