A mother fucking history lesson

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Deep within the woods of New Jersey a thousand hundred fifty million years ago, a seventh son of a seventh son was born unto a virgin. This boy would grow into Danny Sexbang, The Unicorn Wizard, a supporter of justice and boners across the galaxies and a sex god in all the known universes and your deepest, most orgasmic dreams.

After conquering the hearts and beds of all the hottest of ladies, Master Sexbang, Esq. has since teamed up with the mysterious Ninja Brian to shoot hot loads of music all over the hearts and minds of consenting adults everywhere. This aural eargasm is known as Ninja Sex Party.

As if that wasn’t already enough to make your undergarments soaking wet with sexual anticipation, “Undercover Governor” Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian have also teamed up with renowned game commentator Egoraptor, who also sometimes does animation, to form Starbomb, a musical group about fucking video games. Literally and figuratively.

So here’s the only playlist you’re ever going to listen to again, ever. And here’s some sweet threads to put on your bits after the sex fluid bath you just had. You’re welcome.

Sweet fucking tunes        Sweet fucking shirts