So Windows Live Writer – arguably the best blog authoring software on the planet – actually works on Windows 10! It looks ugly as hell (even by Windows 7 standards) and it freaks out about some of my themes but I never expected it to display those things perfectly anyway.

This means that when I don’t have Chrome open (okay, seriously when is that?) or when I don’t want to go through all the trouble of logging into one of my clients’ backends (heh) or because I don’t want to store potential posts in Evernote I can just pop over to WLW and write up whatever I want.

Why does this matter to me? Well, Evernote is great at a lot of things, and although I have most of my portfolio and other random things in there, I really need to pull those notes together to create a coherent story. In Evernote I’d just have to copy and paste it into WordPress, possibly fix weird things that literally everyone else gets correct (tables, anyone?), and worry that I missed something vital. This way, I can just fuck it all up myself and ignore that I missed something vital in my overconfidence. The Internet is totally forgiving of mistakes so I can just fix it in post.

What was the point again? Oh right, awesome to see some old dinosaurs still stomping around in Tomorrowland. AND Microsoft is making it open source: