Still struggling with regular posting here at the blog. It’s not like cause I’m so regularly posting other places either…at least not posting quality content. Just not sure how much/little to write here. I feel as if there is an obligation to write a certain, consistent amount at the blog, but I haven’t figured out what that amount is for me, much less an audience. (Besides, looking at audience metrics is always depressing for so many reasons.)

Anyway, onto the unordered list!

  • I’m participating in Codevember this year. Here are all my submissions since the last time I posted (which…are all my submissions…):
  • My little sister-in-law asked me for some book search links, and I decided to take Jon Udell’s advice and write a blog post about it to hopefully benefit others. I’m being productive!
  • Finished a couple of modules in my two Master’s classes at SNHU. I’m probably going to write about my experience with those classes after I’m done with them. On a related note, I’m considering live blogging my next two classes to help me with learning the material. I read about that in some blog post that I of course can’t find now.
  • A good friend of mine had a baby on November 16. Welcome to the world Griffin! (When I can find his dad’s freelance website I’ll share it…stupid Facebook.)
  • Trying to put regular posts on my site in the form of quotations, because I have a lot of them. See them…well everywhere.