EDIT: This made the front page of CodePen!

I really enjoyed Codevember and I wanted to do it again in December, but with all the holiday stuff I just couldn’t commit to it. I was talking with the husband about it and he suggested I do the 12 days of Christmas! I promptly turned that into the 12 Days of CSS-mas because puns are awesome and ran with it.

I started out deciding that I really wanted a way for the things to “reveal” themselves, so I made a little shutter animation a few days ago to practice. Then I started on the general design of each day. For the partridge, I had a really complicated shape that took me a couple of hours to tweak into submission, then I slapped myself on the forehead and realized I could make this much easier on myself. I still have that other one around just for funsies though.

The hardest part of this was the color, which I’ve always struggled with. It’s not obviously Christmas-y so it couldn’t really be those garish kind of colors, but it couldn’t be too muted or it would just come off as boring. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Stay tuned for day 2 tomorrow!

See the Pen 12 days of CSS-mas : Partridge in a pear tree by Smokie Lee (@xtoq) on CodePen.

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