So I started school back up on on Monday the 14th and this term I’m taking Project Management and Operating Systems. The professor in my OS class is pretty cool, this is his first semester of teaching at SNHU. My professor in Project Management is ex-military, so I think that means he’ll have clear standards for our performance.

Our first week is always full of introductory posts and clarifications about grading and assignments, then a short little paper about the introductory materials. In my OS class I had to draw a diagram of the hardware and their related abstractions, and in my PM class I had to write about conflict resolution in a business environment.

I’m still debating whether to post those things here or not. I’m leaning towards publishing them two weeks after they have been turned in, so as not to influence any of my classmates. Then again, I might just not post them until after the term is over; not entirely sure.

Until next time.

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