I did stuff: 10/12/15-10/15/15

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So I’ve been working hard in school for the past two weeks. Somehow I got off my schedule and just lost my very limited ability to plan things, hence I didn’t realize it was 2 weeks since my last one of these. I blame the season change. Anyway…here’s what I’ve been working on.

  • I published my Facebook page. I didn’t intend to publish it, but somehow I fucked up and it was live. Oh well, go with the flow I suppose.
  • In my notes for 10/16 I have, “Strap-ons and Peter North.” Sometimes I really wish I had a history for my life. Other times I’m grateful I don’t. I’m not sure into which category this falls.
  • Working on a larger version of Illidan in graphite. Hopefully I can tweet it out during BlizzCon on November 7 & 8.
  • Somehow I hurt my foot and Dr. Spydir ordered me off it for 3 solid days. It was not as fun as one might think.
  • Got rid of our broken ass living room furniture. I don’t remember that shit being so hard to bring in the house in the first place, but it was a goddamned nightmare to get out again.
  • Struggling with my technical communication class. Surprisingly, I’m shitty at clear, concise communications. I’ll be pretty glad when this term is over…god I fucking hate writing.
  • Went to the Halloween store and I got the final pieces of my Agent Carter costume. Other than the lack of red lipstick, I have everything I need to rock that shit come Halloween. Monsterface changed her mind about what to be, and now is going to go as Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s (only after he’s murderlized faces). Spydir is still going as CM Punk.
  • We took the Monsterface to a pumpkin patch this year, Campbell’s Maze Daze. My first time. She got to paint a little baby pumpkin, and to our surprise she painted Nick Fury on one side (TODO: add the picture!). It was quite fun, and made me nostalgic for the old farm days. Not the manual labor, but all the stuff other than that. Mostly being tired as hell and falling into the closest thing that was horizontal until the crack of dark when you did it all over again. Oh good, my nostalgia’s gone.
  • I decided to create my own pattern library. I save screenshots of interesting UI elements I come across, or examples of well executed UX and save them to Evernote…where I promptly forget about them until I come across one of them while doing something completely unrelated. Then it hit me: why not do what every other UI designer has been doing since the Internet was invented and make my own pattern library? So I am. I’m starting out with these little buttons from the Atom editor with the Atom Material UI theme.

I did stuff: 9/21/15-9/27/15

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I’m shit at posting things every day, except for those days that I post 20 things a day. Anyway. This is what I did this week.

  • Spent a good hour getting a Google spreadsheet up and running to create tasks for Remember the Milk on the fly. // TODO: make logic to set due dates relative to a chosen date
  • General website monitoring and posting for my clients. I am really enjoying data analytics. Maybe it’s the pretty graphs, maybe it’s the ability to prove myself right, maybe it’s the ability to prove myself right with pretty graphs.
  • Started on a homemade graveyard for our front walk. All those weeks not mowing have really paid off. Also discovered that under the tree in front of the barn looks suspiciously like a grave. Maybe I should encourage the monsterface to practice her archaeology skills…
  • Installed Windows X. It was…an experience. I’d give it a 3.4 on a scale of 7.9 determined by the lowest subscore. (That’s a Windows Experience joke for…probably everyone other than me.)
  • Started work on the first assignments in my new classes. Yay for Master’s! Boo for writing. So much goddamned fucking writing.
  • Watched the eclipse of the supermoon. Discovered that my camera is absolute garbage at taking long exposure at night when you can’t see what you’re focusing on. (The featured image is from the moon earlier in the week.)