I’m shit at posting things every day, except for those days that I post 20 things a day. Anyway. This is what I did this week.

  • Spent a good hour getting a Google spreadsheet up and running to create tasks for Remember the Milk on the fly. // TODO: make logic to set due dates relative to a chosen date
  • General website monitoring and posting for my clients. I am really enjoying data analytics. Maybe it’s the pretty graphs, maybe it’s the ability to prove myself right, maybe it’s the ability to prove myself right with pretty graphs.
  • Started on a homemade graveyard for our front walk. All those weeks not mowing have really paid off. Also discovered that under the tree in front of the barn looks suspiciously like a grave. Maybe I should encourage the monsterface to practice her archaeology skills…
  • Installed Windows X. It was…an experience. I’d give it a 3.4 on a scale of 7.9 determined by the lowest subscore. (That’s a Windows Experience joke for…probably everyone other than me.)
  • Started work on the first assignments in my new classes. Yay for Master’s! Boo for writing. So much goddamned fucking writing.
  • Watched the eclipse of the supermoon. Discovered that my camera is absolute garbage at taking long exposure at night when you can’t see what you’re focusing on. (The featured image is from the moon earlier in the week.)