At long last, my freelance site is officially open!

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…that’s not to say it’s “done.” Your business is never “done” growing or improving. I already have an entire Trello board dedicated to not only maintenance tasks but also things I want to try, add, or tweak. It’s a never ending work in progress.

But long story short, I’m ready to offer my services in freelance web design, web hosting, graphic design, and illustration! I specialize in farms and ranches, but I can provide a great website at affordable prices in a wide variety of industries.

Whether you need a new website, a redesign of your current website, logo design, or even single-use illustrations, I have a broad set of affordable services I can offer you.

You can see some of my web design work at the new website and my illustrations there or on my Facebook page. If you want to talk about your needs, get in touch with me at or over at my website.

So if you’re in need of a web designer or an illustrator, feel free to pop over there and see my work. I look forward to hearing from you!

So I opened a delicious granola bar this morning, took a bite and set it on the counter in the wrapper. Then proceeded to start cleaning off the counter. I think to myself: “Why is there a granola bar wrapper here? I’m a fucking idiot. I better throw that shit away with this other shit on the counter.” Then proceeded to throw away 9/10 of a granola bar I had just opened seconds before.

This is my day now.

How I digitally organize my online homework

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So I’ve been getting my Master’s online at Southern New Hampshire University since 2013. Getting any degree is a challenging affair, but a Master’s is a whole other ball game. Coupled with being an entirely online class, you need to be highly organized. I don’t claim to be highly organized, but over the course of 4 years I have been able to wrangle a successful (for me) organization system for my coursework. Courses at SNHU are 10 weeks long with each week called a “module”, and require you to participate in multiple discussions multiple times a week in addition to weekly assignments. It’s a lot to keep up with, and my normal way of doing homework (wait until roughly 24 hours before the assignment is due then panic and work all night) wasn’t going to cut it.

Finding my feet

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I don’t normally post such personal shit, but maybe my struggles will help someone Googling know that they aren’t alone.

TLDR: I’ve had moderate to severe foot pain when walking or bending my outer toes for almost two years. Seems like Morton’s Neuroma but the podiatrist doesn’t see anything on the MRI.

Tom Bihn Bags: The Side Effect

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I effing hate purses. I like the concept of a bag that has all the things you need in it at any point in time, but purses never appealed to me. I like backpacks and messenger bags (read all about that insanity when I wrote about my Pilot) and pockets, but unfortunately clothing manufacturers and fashionistas still can’t seem to grasp that there are women who would rather put all their stuff on their person than in a clutch. Especially one that looks like it came directly out of a bubblegum factory.

Tom Bihn bags: The Pilot

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So for my birthday recently I received a Tom Bihn bag, a Pilot. And I love it. I was never a “bag” person; I mean, I always had one and I always had stuff in it, but was more about convenience than it was about fashion or utility. I had shit to carry, I needed something to carry it it. My bags could have been grocery bags and it didn’t matter.

Until it did.

Link Would Totally Carry a Tom Bihn Bag

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So for my birthday recently I got a Tom Bihn bag, a Pilot. I’m going to write a longer post about it and other Tom Bihn purchases later, but the last time I ordered from them I requested a sketch of something and promised that I would draw them something back. They drew me a sweet fucking T-rex with a wizard hat, which was hard to beat, I admit. The husband has been playing a lot of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and watching just how much shit¬†is in your inventory, it occurred to me that Link could only carry one brand of bag. Then the rest of the sketch was easy.

I made a thing for a good friend of mine, Katzmew, for his birthday. Happy birthday buddy!

overwatch's mech with cat in the cockpit with a plaid background

Stranger Things Season 2 Ghostbusters Illustration

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When I saw the Stranger Things season 2 trailer with the boys wearing Ghostbusters costumes, I knew I had to make it into an illustration. It was a bit harder than I imagined, and honestly there are still things I want to tweak on it, but I think it’s good enough for now. I’m really pleased with the colors and the shadow (the new perspective tool in Illustrator CC is…different).

This is also posted over on my freelance design site.