Hi! My name is Smokie Lee (nee Darling), and I’m a web developer and all-around creative person from Missouri, United States.

I’ve been doing web development and design for over a decade, but I’ve been programming computers since I was 7 years old. My passion and current focus is user experience and user interface design: the art of making design invisible. I worked for Bass Pro Shops as a junior web developer for 5 years, but I’ve worked as a freelance developer with a focus on small businesses and organizations since 1999; I much prefer freelancing and contract work.

When I went to college I realized that I wasn’t required to be professional for at least the next 4 years, so I dyed my hair blue and it’s been blue almost constantly ever since. I was doing it in 2002, way before Katy Perry, so I guess that makes me a hair color hipster. A hairster, if you will.

I’m married to a fantastic man named Nate who takes my constant flights of fancy with great patience, and I have one child, a daughter named Kori. She’s pretty awesome when she’s not being a complete irritant, which pretty much describes every kid ever. We have a dog and a cat and a van. No soccer though.

I’m not big on censorship, especially on my own website that I pay for, so you’ll likely find naughty words, innuendos, and nonsensical ramblings in my posts. My advice to you is, “If you’re offended, be sure to take it personally.” (I’m also shit at obfuscation and subtlety; life is too short to not be direct.)

I create constantly, but I often forget to share those creations with the rest of the world because I’m too busy moving on to the next thing. First world problems, I know.

  • 1980 Born in Corona, California
  • 1981 Moved to Sparta, Missouri
  • 1986 Got my first console: NES
  • 1987 Won a class spelling bee with “dinosaur”
  • 1993 Met my best friend, Gray Pawn
  • 1996 Got my driver’s license
  • 1996 Maternal grandmother died
  • 1997 Made all-state band (saxophone)
  • 1997 Made my first website (I called it a “foam page” because I use a foam-looking font)
  • 1997 Got my first legal car, a Toyota Corolla
  • 1998 High school graduation
  • 1998 Moved to Springfield, MO
  • 1998 Started working as on-air intern at a local radio station
  • 1999 Setup my first client’s website
  • 1999 Over 24 inches of snow on my birthday in March
  • 2000 Moved to Ozark, MO
  • 2000 Started working at Enterprise Park Lanes
  • 2001 Started college at Missouri State University
  • 2002 Moved back to Sparta, MO into my very own house! First home ownership
  • 2003 Won 2nd at a debate tournament (I honestly can’t remember which)
  • 2003 Became the station manager for The Growl student radio at Missouri State University
  • 2004 Setup my Facebook account (back when it was only for college students)
  • 2004 Step-father diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
  • 2004 Started working for the Missouri State University music department recording recitals
  • 2005 Started working at Kaleidoscope
  • 2006 Started working sound at the annual Ozarks’ Celebration Fest
  • 2006 Step-father died
  • 2007 College graduation
  • 2007 Started playing WoW
  • 2008 Daughter born
  • 2010 Started working at Bass Pro Shops
  • 2012 Employee of the month (October)
  • 2012 Bought my first car/got my first loan
  • 2012 Met my future husband
  • 2013 Marriage to the awesome dude
  • 2013 Started my Master’s at SNHU
  • 2015 Made the front page of Codepen (twice!)
  • 2017 Estimated Master’s graduation
  • 2080 Hopefully I live this long