Updated my Codevember day 29 entry with some changes and fixes, one of which was suggested by a viewer. Thanks @joshbivens! I didn’t test this one very thoroughly because I was trying to beat the clock.

  • use placeholder instead of value: This gives a hint to the user what they need to enter, and also disappears when the user starts entering information.
  • font-family CSS import: Hey, don’t forget to test your stuff, especially when you use web fonts. DERP!
  • change input CSS selector to :not([type="button"]): This is simpler code for this particular example, and allows the existing properties to apply to inputs that aren’t the button instead of specifying which inputs it applies to.
  • add CSS to change color of placeholder text: With changing value to placeholder, the input color no longer applies. Adding input::-webkit-input-placeholder allows us to color the text for webkit browsers. // TODO: Check this in non-webkit browsers.