I published my first work on Behance today! Some quick thoughts about the user experience over there:

  • I really love the portfolio editor; very simple and even though it’s slightly touchy with a mouse (I suspect it’s optimized for touch screen) works very well. The UI is uncluttered and only appears when needed.
  • The profile editor on the other hand…the places where you add in where you’ve worked or gone to school are twitchy and have a kind of negative user experience. It tells you to “Type your school name” for example, but then you have to select the correct name from the drop down even if you typed it correctly.
  • Okay, that’s not too bad, lots of places have that. But if you just type something and don’t select from the dropdown before you move onto the next input, what you typed is lost, and the error message says “Please type your school name.” It doesn’t indicate that you need to select your school from the dropdown as well.

That’s just a quickie little “Boy this annoys the piss out of me” post; trying to get those things out of my head on onto paper. Or screen. Whatever. Point is, this is by no means some official usability study or meant to imply any sort of dissatisfaction with Behance or their system. Just an observation. It’s just, like, my opinion man.