So I’ve been participating in Codevember (where you write code for every day of November). This is the first time I’ve ever chosen to participate in one of these types of challenges, and I’ve been struggling with it a lot. I have no idea why either, it’s not like I don’t have the time or the inclination, but for some reason my day just gets filled up with homework and family shit then I’m too tired to do it. I decided to take a post out of David Seah’s blog and I have been examining myself a bit more closely and attempting to look at the data.

For data points, I have WakaTime (referral link) to track how much time I spend in IDEs and what projects I work on, I have Rescue Time (referral link) to do the same for my computer usage, and then I have Toggl for automanual* tracking of whatever I remember. These have a pretty good overlap and allow me a great idea of where my time goes every day.

So where does it all go?

November 2015 Toggl report
My November 2015 Toggl report. I spent more time on personal shit this month then I anticipated. Also, these are not the fucking colors I chose. Thanks for the estrogen boost Toggl. >=(

I spend a great amount of time doing homework, watching documentaries, and reading articles online. But those are good things, they are important and they move my career forward. I can’t and shouldn’t skip any of that, or cut it out, but at the same time I can’t seem to adjust some of that time to Codevember.

Of course, when I do get the time, then inspiration is another factor. And I don’t mean a lack, I mean I’m spoiled for choice, sometimes the choice probably keeps me from being able to do things; structured procrastination might not work for me. After I finally do get inspired I take SO FUCKING LONG to do the thing.

AND THEN…after I finally get inspired I take so fucking long to do the thing. Take, for example, my hamburger Codevember submission. I was done with the meat (hahaha) of that in 53 minutes, according to Toggl, but I took another hour to tweak things around and try to do the seeds (which I didn’t even get right and didn’t use). Now, I learned a lot but I wasn’t able to share that learning with anyone, so is it all just wasted time?

I don’t know. But I do know that I have nothing else to say about it right now.

*Automanual: Manually automatic. Like a manual transmission. It’s my blog, shut up.

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