No big long post today, since these are very similar to my doves. The real challenge here was just figuring out a good way to abstract a hen into simple CSS shapes. I have some really complex ideas for a hen, but ultimately they just didn’t work for such a flat design like I’m looking for.

I used more SASS this time (mixins…meh) but ultimately since I’m so new at it, it didn’t save much time. That should change as I get more comfortable with it. I think I will be trying my hand at an HTML preprocessor for the remainder of the days since there will be so many repeated elements.

I switched up the background color for this one, as I wanted to have a grassy, and therefore green, background inside the window and doubling up on greens doesn’t make sense. I settled on the dot background because the pure css grass backround I was trying got way too visuall busy and detracted from the hens. Also one of my favorite Aunts collects chickens and I associate this simple chicken design with those “Americana” gingham and dotted fabric patterns.

See you on day 4!

See the Pen 12 Days of CSS-mas day 3: Three French Hens by Smokie Lee (@xtoq) on CodePen.

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