I meant to publish this post on 1/1, fresh start and blah blah blah. Now I’m thinking of embracing the lunar calendar so I can celebrate Chinese New Year instead. Whatever, it’s just another day on the calendar right? I could celebrate January 20 if I want. (singing in offkey tune) “It’s my blog and I’ll write late shit if I want to, write late shit if I want to, write late shit if I want to.” Etc.

ANYWAYS…lots of things planned for 2016, let’s see if I can actually accomplish them! On the professional front, I’m hoping to land a remote job this year, to coincide with my remote Master’s and to further my hope of never having to interact with people in real life ever again. (A girl’s gotta dream, right?) I also want to learn Node and Angular this year, because I feel like such a fucking idiot every time I start to look at any modern web apps. And I’m certain I’m getting dumber by the year…

I also want to completely clean out our house and redo our back room, which right now serves as sort of an extra storage room that we could fix up and use as…well anything else really. We also need to see how many regular maintenance things need to be done with the house; it looks like it’s one of those years where everything lines up to be done at once. =\

After that, I’m not sure. I try not to plan out too far since I’m bad at planning and I get annoyed when my plans get overthrown by real life (so of course I’m annoyed all the time hahahaha), so we haven’t really thought about past, say, March. Which is good, since that’s my birthday anyway!

TLDR: Lots of things planned for 2016, still working out how to best hold myself accountable.