So I’m terrible at networking. I’m a bit bad at socializing (probably on the autism spectrum, but who isn’t these days?) I love Trello (which is probably pretty damned apparent) and as much as I hate terms like “dream job,” it truly is. They are a distributed (remote) team that’s working on a fantastic web application that millions of people use daily. They have an excellent grasp of usability and user experience, and their development team is very active and open to the community, while not being open source. I’ve been a fan of Joel Spolsky since he launched Stack Overflow with Jeff Atwood (another fantastic programmer) back in 2008, although I’d been hearing about him since about 2002, when I was first exposed to FogBugz.

Imagine my excitement when, in the course of my regular retweeting of web development jobs at companies I adore the VP of engineering at Trello struck up a conversation with me and added me on LinkedIn. Guys, seriously, this is SO EPIC. I’m connected to a guy at Trello, we’ve had email conversations, and I just feel like such an adult. It’s marvelous.

Trello’s job applications are always practical, so I jumped right into their “test” designed for Javascript developers. This particular challenge was made more difficult by some “amusing” tricks put in to throw you off, especially if you haven’t kept up with Javascript in the past few years like you have for CSS. I finished it though! I was unstoppable! It was then that I noticed that the Javascript developer job was one of the only jobs they offered that was not remote, it was NYC area only. Le sigh.

Here’s to hoping that networking will pay off with a sweet gig at Trello when I grow up! 😉